Sample Download

You can download PallyCon SDK integration sample and Packager from the below links, to integrate PallyCon service with your service site.

PallyCon SDK integration sample

  • This integration sample contains web page source codes which are provided in various server-side languages such as Python, JSP, ASP, PHP and Node.js.

  • NOTE: Node.js version sample is used for Quick Start Guide process.

Sample Type GitHub Link

PallyCon Packager

  • Packager is a software tool which encrypts source contents for protection. It can package content for PlayReady, Widevine, FPS and NCG DRM.

  • Contents must be packaged by Packager to be played by Client SDK.

  • You can download packager from the next link. Download PallyCon Packager

  • Bento4 toolkit is required for multi-DRM DASH/HLS packaging. Please download Bento4 binary from the next link and setup by following instruction in packager guide. Download Bento4

  • There are two types of packager included in the zip file as below. Please refer to included guide document.

Name Type Platform Used for
PallyCon App Packager Windows GUI Application PC Test or manual packaging
PallyCon CLI Packager Command Line Interface Server(CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows) Automated packaging

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