PallyCon PlayReady UWP SDK Guide


PallyCon PlayReady UWP SDK makes it easy to apply Microsoft's PlayReady DRM when developing media service apps for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This document describes how to use the libraries and sample projects included in the SDK.

Details of PallyCon Multi DRM service integration are provided in License Callback API and License Token API guides. For technical questions about using the SDK, please visit our Helpdesk site.

SDK products can be requested when subscribing to PallyCon cloud commercial service. Then SDK can be downloaded from the Download page of PallyCon admin site.

Supported Environments

  • Windows 10 or later (OS build 10586 or later)
  • XBox One 10 or later


  • This SDK is developed and tested on Visual Studio 2017(version 15).

  • You need to sign up on PallyCon Admin Site to get Site ID and Site Key, and prepare DASH content using PallyCon Packager.

  • You cannot test PallyCon PlayReady UWP SDK Sample to play DASH content until the above is done.

Configuring your project

You can apply PallyCon PlayReady UWP SDK by following steps:

  1. Extract downloaded SDK zip file.
  2. Add the PallyConPRSDK.dll file provided in lib folder to your UWP application project.
  3. Declare and implement the followings: using PallyConPRSDK;, using PallyConSDK.DownloadTask; using PallyConSDK.DownloadTask.ProxyServer;

Quick Start

The following code shows how to stream DASH content using PallyCon PlayReady UWP SDK.

Streaming DASH content



    <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">
        <MediaElement Name="Player" />


// MainPage.xaml.cs
// 1. PallyConPRSDK Declaration
using PallyConSDK;
namespace UWPImplementation
    public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
        // 2. SDK Instance
        public static PallyConPRSDK pallyconsdk = PallyConPRSDK.GetInstance;
        public string ContentURL = "Content URL";
        public string LicenseURL = "License Acqusition URL";
        public string Token = "Token String";

        public MainPage()
                // 3. Site ID, Site Key 
                pallyconsdk.Initialize("Site ID", "Site Key");
                // 4. Set ProtectionManager on MediaElement(Reactive)
                Player.ProtectionManager = 
                // 5. If the license is Persistence key, the license 
                //    can be downloaded in advance(Proactive)
                // pallyconsdk.GetLicenseByToken(ContentURL, 
                //                                 LicenseURL,
                //                               Token);
                // 6. Playback
                Player.Source = new Uri(ContentURL);
            catch (Exception ex)

PlayReady Hardware DRM

Hardware-based PlayReady DRM is supported on a variety of devices, including Windows 10 PCs, Smart TVs, XBOX game consoles and tablets. Windows PCs must be running Windows 10 and include a supported hardware configuration in order to support PlayReady hardware DRM. Please check Microsoft PlayReady Hardware DRM webpage for more information.

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